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The best alternative to your own loving care!

We had an older special needs Golden Retriever…he had a bad set of wheels and could not get around easily.  We were at a loss as to have someone care for him while we were gone.  Xanthe came to the rescue…she took care of him and gave him his Medications and such.  Then we have a black LAB who is hyper and loving, as well as a Yorkie that thinks he runs the whole tribe.  So, to say the least she has her hands full and takes the time for each dog’s needs.  It is so wonderful to be able to leave and not be concerned about what happens to them or our home while we are away.  She is just a wonderful and caring person.  Thank you Xanthe.
In loving memory of our Golden Retriever, who has since passed away.
M & S of Palm Harbor, FL   
My main objective in looking for a pet sitter was finding someone who can handle big dogs.  Someone I can trust to walk my pet, understand their behavior and meet their needs.  Xanthe has done that for us and more.  From our senior dogs and their very specific needs to our puppy with endless energy, she has customized her pet sitting to our family.  Xanthe is a natural with animals.  She has helped us on countless occasions with behavioral issues and helped us to further connect with our dogs.  It's a nice feeling to come home after a trip to pets that are calm and don't seem to have missed you too much! 
Alan and Jocelyn, Palm Harbor 
I'll always remember my first visit with Xanthe.  I was so impressed with her professionalism and attention to detail.  Not only was I interviewing her, but she was taking an extensive history of my pets and my routine with them.  She is the first and only pet sitter we have ever used.  We decided on her "spot key" program without hesitation and it's worked perfectly for us.  Our animals love Xanthe and in fact when we acquired a new adopted dog, my work scheduled me when I thought I'd be home with our new pup.  I quickly called Xanthe and there was no problem.  She was helpful in evaluating this new pup for us and helped us acclimate him to his new home.  Xanthe has seen us through 3 pets (losing our 2, 12 year old shorthairs) and Jake our parakeet.  We feel blessed to have such a knowledgeable person "so close to home." She is honest, sincere, loving and knowledgeable.  We love her and so do our pets!
Lorraine, Tarpon Springs, FL
When Xanthe first came to our house, we were impressed with her flood of attention to and obvious love for our dogs (golden retriever and yellow lab). We knew immediately that she would take the best care of them, just as if they were her own.  We had interviewed a couple other pet sitting services, but most were more concerned with talking to us and seemed to almost ignore our dogs.  We have been absolutely pleased with Xanthe's services.  
She is so dependable and very responsible.  We have used her for many overnight stays, too - a great load off our minds instead of using a kennel.  She is the best, and we highly recommend her!
Scott & Sharon
It's hard finding a sitter when you have a big dog.  We love Xanthe because she knows how to be a strong pack leader.  Her calm-assertive energy brings out the best in Edward.  We know he is in good hands so we can relax and enjoy our vacation.
Edward’s parents, 
Tarpon Springs, FL
See Spot Run has been the most wonderful service for our two older dogs.  We have been quite a challenge for Xanthe since our dogs have aged, and she has been very supportive and willing to care for our old furry friends.  Xanthe has lovingly cared for Max and Jezebel even through the tough times; cleaning messes, giving medication, patiently walking them.  We have been able to vacation with a peace of mind, knowing that we would return home and see happy dogs, instead of stressed pets, as we used to when they were dropped off at a kennel.  See Spot Run is a very responsible and responsive service, & we highly recommend them.
Hamm Family, Palm Harbor

Xanthe', you provide a great service that puts our minds at ease when we are away.  We feel that our pets are well taken care of and safe in your care.  In addition to their care, our home is watched over as well.   
Gizmo and Cocoa's parents